Houston Owner Finance no credit check Lease Purchase Homes

EZ NO credit check Lease Purchase and Owner Finance Solutions to a variety of properties in the Houston Metro Area.  Contact us to learn more about how you can lease to own one of our many Houston homes with no credit checks, and no banks involved.  The perfect option for those who want a house, but can't use traditional means of aquiring one.

Houston Tx condo

2201 Fountain Dr #52, Houston, Tx 77057
List Price$120,000
Owner Financing$704 / Month

Missouri City Tx house

3706 Point Clear Dr, Missouri City , Tx 77459
List Price$225,000
Lease Purchase$1,500 / Month
Owner Financing$2,021 / Month

Houston Tx house

4710 Oakshire Dr #E, Houston, Tx 77027
List Price$575,000
Lease Purchase$6,500 / Month
Owner Financing$5,064 / Month
Rental Price$4,000 / Month

Houston TX business

8222 Howard Dr #1, Houston, TX 77017
List Price$200,000
Owner Financing$1,323 / Month

Fresno Tx house

2502 Feather Green Trail, Fresno, Tx 77545
List Price$200,000
Owner Financing$1,830 / Month

Houston Tx house

10214 Northview dr, Houston, Tx 77086
List Price$140,000
Lease Purchase$1,600 / Month
Owner Financing$1,179 / Month

Pasadena Tx house

1202 Rebecca Dr, Pasadena, Tx 77506
List Price$140,000
Lease Purchase$1,600 / Month
Owner Financing$1,169 / Month

Houston Tx house

14007 Coopers Hawk Court, Houston, Tx 77044
List Price$325,000
Lease Purchase$3,300 / Month
Owner Financing$2,377 / Month

Houston TX house

8330 Waterbury Drive, Houston, TX 77055
List Price$400,000
Lease Purchase$2,000 / Month
Owner Financing$2,348 / Month
Rental Price$2,500 / Month

Houston TX house

2130 Avenida La Quinta Street, Houston, TX 77077
List Price$330,000
Lease Purchase$2,400 / Month
Owner Financing$1,937 / Month
Rental Price$2,400 / Month

League City Texas house

2213 Navajo Pass, League City, Texas 77573
List Price$350,000
Owner Financing$2,055 / Month

Humble Texas house

18606 Agile Pines Dr, Humble, Texas 77346
List Price$250,000
Lease Purchase$2,125 / Month
Owner Financing$1,468 / Month
Rental Price$2,250 / Month

Montgomery Texas house

18819 Quiet Water Way, Montgomery, Texas 77356
List Price$400,000
Lease Purchase$2,500 / Month
Owner Financing$2,348 / Month
Rental Price$2,750 / Month

Cypress Texas house

15202 Evergreen Knoll Lane, Cypress, Texas 77433
List Price$230,000
Owner Financing$1,350 / Month

Houston Texas house

14906 Timber lark Dr, Houston, Texas 77070
List Price$300,000
Owner Financing$1,761 / Month

Sugar Land Texas house

10110 Kent Towne Lane, Sugar Land , Texas 77498
List Price$160,000
Owner Financing$1,234 / Month

Houston Texas house

10310 Great Plains Ln, Houston, Texas 77064
List Price$240,000
Owner Financing$1,408 / Month
Rental Price$2,000 / Month

Tomball Texas house

11422 Brown Trail, Tomball, Texas 77377
List Price$375,000
Owner Financing$2,702 / Month

Houston Texas house

14823 Estrellita Dr, Houston, Texas 77060
List Price$120,000
Lease Purchase$1,500 / Month
Owner Financing$1,035 / Month

Houston TX house

7367 Addicks Clodine Rd, Houston, TX 77083
List Price$125,000
Owner Financing$881 / Month

Spring Tx condo

87 N Avonlea Cir, Spring, Tx 77382
List Price$190,000
Lease Purchase$1,750 / Month
Owner Financing$1,115 / Month

Sugar Land Texas house

538 Longview Drive, Sugar Land, Texas 77478
List Price$400,000
Owner Financing$2,348 / Month
Rental Price$2,500 / Month

Houston TX house

12727 Melvern Court, Houston, TX 77041
List Price$350,000
Owner Financing$3,172 / Month

Pearland TX house

3218 River Birch Dr, Pearland, TX 77584
List Price$289,000
Owner Financing$2,659 / Month

Bellaire TX house

4336 Lafayette St., Bellaire, TX 77401
List Price$450,000
Owner Financing$1,651 / Month
Rental Price$3,500 / Month

Katy TX house

6514 Faulkner Ridge Dr., Katy, TX 77450
List Price$165,000
Owner Financing$797 / Month

Spring Texas house

3410 Ramsgate Dr, Spring, Texas 77388
Take Over Loan$95,000
List Price$160,000
Owner Financing$939 / Month


List Price$500,000
Owner Financing$2,194 / Month
Rental Price$5,000 / Month

Houston Texas lot

203 Aurora St B , Houston, Texas 77008
List Price$75,000
Owner Financing$793 / Month
Rental Price$500 / Month

Humble TX lot

3214 Upper Lake Drive, Humble, TX 77338
List Price$8,000
Owner Financing$352 / Month

Humble TX lot

3210 Upper Lake Drive, Humble, TX 77338
List Price$8,000
Owner Financing$352 / Month